Linda Ensminger

Miss Ensminger has taught grade school in my hometown of Fredonia, Kansas for as long as I can remember. But, to be more precise she taught first and second grades in Fredonia from 1970 through 2007. Then became a Reading Recovery teacher for 3 more years. Miss Ensminger has been noted as a lot of students “favorite teacher” and her popularity has shown that over the years. Even to this day she has grown-ups running up to her yelling Miss E., Miss E with outstretched arms yielding tons of hugs. One she officially retired from the district she has and still hasn’t stopped teaching. For instance this past school year she was helping to tutor a student in reading because the student wasn’t at the appropriate reading level for her age. Miss Ensminger not only taught inside a classroom but outside her classroom as well. I could almost bet that if you see her out and about in the town she’s on a mission in helping someone in need, wither it be a child or an adult.

I know a lot of teacher rarely get the recognition that they deserve. Therefore, for all that Linda Ensminger has done over her teaching year, she will go that extra step to educate others or lend a helping hand, because that is just who Miss E is and will forever be!