Make your mark on education


career teachers and outstanding educators. This inspires others to consider education as a career, and honors those who positively influence the lives of students.


the teaching profession and encouraging active teachers to remain in the field. This presents young people with career options, and rallies everyone to address a critical need.


education support personnel and preserving the heritage of people dedicated to educating our country’s future while building a legacy of caring.


outstanding qualities in educators while addressing their core needs. This ensures all educators have the tools needed to deal with daily classroom issues

Honor an Educator, Support the NTHF

We can all identify at least one extraordinary educator who had an impact on our lives. One In A Million – Educators Who Make A Difference is a nationwide initiative to collect the names of one million educators who have made a difference.

Anyone in America can place an educator’s name into the NTHF archives with a minimum donation of one dollar ($1) and anyone working in the education field, from the school maintenance officer to the school administration, is eligible. 

Donations larger than $1 are welcome, and larger contributions will receive the following recognition and awards as thanks:

Educator’s name on the NTHF website and displayed on the ​One in a Million list in the registration page

All of the above and a brick on the NTHF Wall of Fame.

All of the above and an engraved Golden Apple to the person making the donation.

Educator’s name on NTHF Website and brick on the NTHF wall, as well as an engraved pendulum mantel clock to the person making the donation.

To honor an educator please make your donation below and we will contact you with the next steps within 48 hours. You can also make a contribution by mail.

For gifts of $1,000 or more please contact us.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization the NTHF relies on private financial support and gifts from people like you to bring NTHF recognition to deserving members of the most important profession in this country.  You, or your company or organization,  can support the NTHF through tax-benefits eligible gifts of: Monetary gifts, property transfers, investment transfers, honoring educators, deferred gifts.

Other ways to help

While financial donations are always welcome, there are myriad ways you can help! If you have time, expertise, or items to donate to the National Teachers Hall of Fame, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


We welcome ideas for workshops, seminars, or webinars, that you might wish to help organize.


We also invite assistance in graphic design, creative ideas, and innovative programs.


We can always use help spreading the word about The National Teachers Hall of Fame.


Host families for inductees or volunteers during induction week are be a tremendously appreciated


We appreciate the many volunteers who help us to carry out our mission.


Our museum accepts donations of school memorabilia, early textbooks, and school supplies for displays and hands-on learning opportunities.

Goods and Services

We are always in need of donated goods and services for the annual radio auction, held annually on the second Thursday of November live on local radio station KVOE (1400) and live streamed over the station’s website for national coverage.