Betty McDonald

I had the pleasure to be a student of Betty McDonald, who just so happened to also be my aunt. I will never forget when she called on me in class! She would call me “Sherri Ann”; nobody calls me that! This would always get the class riled up and ready to go with a big laugh! Betty McDonald was no ordinary teacher/mentor. She was an exception to the norm which made her extraordinarily special in many ways. Her smile alone would instantly elevate your day. She believed in all the students that walked into her class or on her stage, and she had a passion and mission to bring the best parts of life to her students. Betty, as an educator, truly respected, prized and treasured all her students through the years. Betty wanted all her students to have the chance to follow their dreams and be seen for who they were. Those who had the chance to be guided under her wings were among the lucky ones. She was taken too soon from this earth, but her passion and guidance still live within those that she guided during the years of her teaching career.
~With love, Sherri Ann