Warren Phillips

Plymouth, MA | Years Taught: 1973 – Present

Warren believes that collaboration is the key in every project. He also believes that the most productive relationship between teachers and students is mutual respect and shared responsibility in creating a positive school community. All parties have a vested interest and benefit from a happy and purposeful school environment. Mr. Phillips says that Service Learning is a combination of academic learning, service within the community, and civic engagement. The community needs are not more important than students needs, and vice versa. The relationship, therefore, is reciprocal. His students have found that doing service-learning has encouraged them to get involved with the community, make connections with the work force, learn how to work as a team, learn what it means to be a community member, and gain many other life-long skills. They become aware of their strengths and the strengths of others.

Additional Recognition

  • 2008 • Bridgewater State University – President’s Award for Achievement in Education Presidential Volunteer Service Award Earth watch fellowship studying African Elephants
  • 2007 • Massachusetts Science Educator’s Hall of Fame
  • 2006 • Plymouth County Science Teacher of the Year
  • 2006 • USA Today Newspaper, Team Teacher
  • 2004 • Disney Middle School Teacher of the Year
  • 2002 • Time/Chevrolet National Excellence Award “Teacher of the Year”
  • 1998 • Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching