Jane Nelson

Orlando, FL | Years Taught: 1969 – 2002

Jane Bray Nelson conducts her classes with the theory that she is teaching students first and physics second. Jane also believes that her ‘children’ are a living message that she sends to a time and place which she will never see. Her students have won honors from the Physics Olympics, been selected to study at a national research lab, and won the medicine division of the International Science Fair. Three times as many students pass the advanced placement exam as did three years ago. Jane was instrumental in developing the focus school that was granted official countywide magnet school status after only one year. She also was asked to be the teacher-coordinator of the magnet school.

Additional Recognition

  • 2000-02 • Teacher Coordinator Global Information and Future Technologies OCPS Magnet School – Orange County Public Schools, FL
  • 1991 -2000 • Science Department Chair, School Advisory Board, School Governance Board – OCPS
  • 1990 -2002 • Physics – I.B. and AP, Honors, Regular – OCPS
  • 1990-95 • Chemistry – Advanced Placement – OCPS
  • 1988-90 • Chemistry – AP, Physics – Regular, Physical Science – RoseTree-Media, PA
  • 1980-88 • Physics, Biology, Anatomy-Physiology – OCPS
  • 1979 • Chemistry – Valencia Community College, FL
  • 1972-74 • Chemistry & Geometry – Stamford Schools, CT
  • 1969-71 • Chemistry Honors and Advanced – OCPS