James Quinlan

Vernon, NJ | Years Taught: 1976 – Present

James is a facilitator for Project Quest, an adventure-based counseling program with its origins in Outward Bound, for students in need of a personal growth experience. To meet the challenge of teaching neurologically impaired students, Quinlan created the Roaring Lion Chair Company, a student operated enterprise that manufactures Adirondack chairs and markets them throughout the tri-state area. Emphasis is placed upon developing marketable work skills and attitudes including staying on task, safety, appropriate behavior, and responsibility. About the stereotype of “vocational education, Quinlan states, “Yes, of course they’re using their hands, but they’re working with their minds.”

Additional Recognition

  • 2002 • Time Magazine, Chevy Malibu Teaching Excellence Award
  • 2001 • Leavy Award for Excellence in Private Enterprise Education
  • 1999-2000 • Sussex County Teacher of the Year
  • 1999- 2000 • Vernon Township Teacher of the Year
  • 1999 • Fulbright Memorial Fund Scholar, Japan-U.S. Educational Commission
  • 1998 • Earthwatch Educational Award recipient, Grizzly Bear DNA Survey
  • 1997 • National Foundation for the Humanities Fellow, Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition