David Brock

Baltimore, MD | Years Taught: 1989 – Present

Part of the magic of Mr. Brock’s teaching is the way he challenges his students. He sets high expectations, and he is there as a teacher to guide and help his students to stretch their intellect and self-imposed limitations. He is genuinely engaging and is able to make even the most passive students actively want to learn the material, instilling in them a genuine love of learning that they take with them to college and beyond.

Additional Recognition

  • 2006 • Sea World/Busch Gardens/Fujifilm Environmental Excellence Award
  • 2001 • Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics & Science Teaching
  • 2000 • ReliaStar/Northern Life’s Education’s Unsung Heroes Award
  • 1998 • Disney “All American Teacher” Award
  • 1998 • Tandy/Radio Shack Prize for Teaching Excellence in Science
  • 1993 • Outstanding Biology Teacher of Missouri