Darrell Woods

North Canton, OH | Years Taught: 1985 – Present

Darrell believes the unity of any team is seen when the students share goals and failures, when they care enough to listen to each other, or even when they laugh spontaneously for no “scientific” reason. When each student feels self-worth, the potential that can be achieved reaches beyond what was previously believed possible. Taking the time to actively listen to these young people and their concerns about what is happening around them, he says makes his role even easier. Mr. Woods believes that we [educators] must challenge ourselves to be the best we can, holding ourselves to higher standards than anyone else expects of us, and then expecting the same of our students and colleagues. No teaching certificate or college transcript can make us “highly qualified.” No multi-million dollar school building or technology lab can create the perfect environment for learning. It is the heart and soul of a passionate teacher, someone who truly believes he can impact the lives of his students, that makes a teacher great

Additional Recognition

  • 2008 • Walsh University Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award
  • 2006 • Today All-USA Teacher Team
  • 2004 • Disney Award
  • 2003 • Presidential Award for Excellence in Math/Science Teaching
  • 2003 • Great Lakes Science Center WOW Award
  • 1998 • National Board Certification in Science for AYA
  • 1996 • Jackson High School Teacher of the Year