Patricia Hart

​For her outstanding contributions as a middle school teacher, Patricia is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by Harry and Marilyn Hart of Emporia, Kansas.
Patricia teaches with a spark that ignites the learning spirit in her students.  During her career, Ms. Hart has not only touched those lucky enough to be in her classroom, but also extends to the community in which she works.
She has started a new On-Line program at Curtis Middle School in Wichita, Kansas, for students that are falling behind their peers.  With her special talents she motivates, drives, and loves each of these children.  Mrs. Hart never gives up on a child for she believes in each an everyone of them.
Patricia Hart is a doer and giver.  She has gone far beyond the call of duty to not only “teach” but to educate.  Curtis Middle School students are touched by the “Hart Heart,” and Caldwell Grade School students just hope they will be sitting in her classroom when the time comes.
Patricia Hart lives by the following: do what you can, with what you have, where you are, and when you can.