Jason P. Harris

For his outstanding contributions as a high school language arts and speech teacher, Jason is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by William W., Teresa A. and Leah A. McGinnis of Scranton, Kansas.
Mr. Harris came to Lyndon as a first year teacher in 1993, the year our daughter Leah was a Senior.  Mr. Harris was her speech teacher, who encouraged her to stand up for her moral beliefs because he did.  He made the classroom totally relaxed and the students could laugh uncontrollably.  For our daughter, Leah, this kind of relaxed atmosphere made her want to learn.  Because of Mr. Harris and the speech class he taught, our daughter formed a different and better view of life-one which gave her confidence to share her beliefs and Christ’s love for the world.  Mr. Harris also directed Leah in two school plays and was also her forensics coach, which gave Leah even more confidence in herself.  Mr. Harris was in our home and is a delightful person.  We love him.
Jason Harris taught language arts and speech to high school students in Lyndon, Kansas for two years.