J. Wayne Bastin

​For his outstanding contributions as a seventh and eighth grade principal, Wayne is recognized on the Donors’ Wall by Emporia Middle School Staff of 1995 and Retirees of Emporia, Kansas.  According to them:
Mr. Bastin was “Mr. Lowther Middle School’ of Emporia, Kansas, for many years.  As principal of the school, he was the guiding force steering the school as it developed from a junior high school across from the high school in downtown Emporia, to the middle school in two buildings straddling Sixth Avenue, to a new facility on the west side, a result of his long hours dedicated to seeing that details were attended to so that the school could run smoothly.
His calm, quiet demeanor prevailed whether in a classroom in his early years of teaching and coaching in Hamilton, Kansas, as a junior high school social studies teacher in Emporia, or as a principal of Emporia Middle School.
Mr. Bastin was special because he could be counted on for fair handling of all situations.  He would review all sides of an issue and then unflinchingly take his stand.  For these reasons we consider Mr. J. Wayne Bastin to be truly a brick in the wall of education.
Wayne taught social studies for thirteen years in Westmoreland; Hamilton; and Emporia, Kansas.  He was also the principal for the Lowther Middle School in Emporia for twenty-seven years and is currently retired.