Shirley Naples

Ferndale, MI | Years Taught: 1968 – Present

Shirley believes that they key to all successful teaching is the initial development of self-esteem in every student. Naples believes that children cannot learn if they do not believe in themselves. A good teacher, she says, will nurture and encourage each child to develop his or her own talents. In her classroom, she tells her students that individually each must become the best he or she can be. She has high expectations for every child and will not accept less. Learning occurs, Naples says, because of the chemistry that develops between teacher and student.

Additional Recognition

  • 1993 • Presidential Recognition – White House, Washington, D.C.
  • 1992 • Teacher Recognition Congressional Record – Val 138
  • 1991 • Finalist for Michigan Teacher of the Year
  • 1990 • Selected as WDIV-Newsweek Teacher of the Year for Oakland County Elementary Level
  • 1990 • Resolution from Ferndale Board of education for Outstanding Teaching Commendation from mayor and city council of Ferndale
  • 1990 • Resolution from the Oakland County Intermediate School Board for Outstanding Teaching
  • 1989 • Woman of Distinction Delta Kappa Gamma Society International
  • 1989 • Selected Ferndale Teacher of the Year