Linda Evanchyk

Walton Beach, FL | Years Taught: 1979 – Present

Linda believes the good teachers should challenge their students. She does this by challenging them to take leadership roles that will give them more responsibility and will call on them to take on a different set of skills. Ms. Evanchyk believes that accountability isn’t a judgment from outside sources nor an accusation that someone isn’t doing a good job. She tries to take an active approach to finding her own ways of accountability. “Ultimately, the greatest accountability comes from when a teacher regularly reflects on his or her practices and continues to eliminate those practices which no longer work, those which need to be updated, and add new practices which will lead to student achievement.

Additional Recognition

  • 2009 & 1995 • State of Florida Journalism Teacher of the Year
  • 2008-2006 • Quill & Scroll George Gallup Award
  • 2006 • National Education Association Literacy Leadership Award
  • 2003 • National Board Certification in AYA Language Arts
  • 1998 • Named to Florida Journalism Teachers Gold Medallion Hall of Fame
  • 1987 • Okaloosa County District Teacher of the Year