Jerry Parks

Georgetown, KY | Years Taught: 1978 – Present

Jerry believes there are three important components to the teaching profession: teaching is a serving profession, no teacher is indispensable, and rewards in education are not measured on the gold standard. He empathizes with his students and understands what it is like to not enjoy the learning process. Parks has grown professionally through helping others grow, which he believes is what teaching is all about. In his classroom, Dr. Parks encourages engagement among his students. Parks truly thinks there needs to be a productive relationship between teacher and students—a relationship comprised of modeling, motivation, and management. One of his teaching strategies is the acronym: C.R.E.A.T.E., which stands for: Creativity, Relevancy, Adaptability, Training, and Enthusiasm. Dr. Parks is immensely involved inside and outside the classroom. His classroom is a model learning lab for teachers in training, and he has authored numerous books for parents and teachers.

Additional Recognition

  • 2007 • USA TODAY Award “All American Teacher Team”
  • 2003 • National Board Certification
  • 2000 • State Teacher of the Year – Teacher of the Year
  • 1989 • Teacher of the Year, Fayette County Schools
  • 1988 • Top Ten Teacher in Kentucky, Golden Apple Award